Yusuke Fujisawa


Yusuke Fujisawa

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My name is Yusuke Fujisawa, and I am working as a Connector / Executive Headhunter at EXEC-SEARCH PARTNERS.

Based in Tokyo, I work closely with our Singapore office (for the Asian region) to find excellent and talented people in various industries and sectors, and provide headhunting support with the aim of realizing life missions and creating and expanding new impact and value for our clients.

Graduated from Keio University. Studied programming and marketing at Keio University's Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and in particular, learned concept-making under Naoki Sakai, a conceptor, which had a great impact on creating new Impact and Value.

After a long-term internship, he joined DeNA as a new graduate. He worked mainly as a new business planner and marketer, creating "0 → 1" in the EC/Internet/Web Service industry. After that, as an engineer, he worked on social game development in the overseas division and experienced firsthand the speed of competing with the rest of the world.

He moved to Recruit Co. to study sales and marketing. As a solution sales representative, he was engaged in advertising proposals and sales strategy consulting for major developers. Based on his sales performance and analytical skills, the position of sales planner and marketer.

He was convinced that he could support [the realization of global and diverse individual life missions] in this environment and profession, and he moved from [EC/Internet/Web Service/Marketer] to [Connector/Executive Headhunter] who knows the front lines of various industries firsthand and understands candidates' passion and pain.

He is engaged in headhunting support, focusing on the segment of people who are aiming to realize their mission in life with excellence and without distinction of industry or business category.

In collaboration with our Singapore office, we have also conducted a number of overseas projects. (Overseas, mainly country heads and other executives)

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