Yojiro Konuma

Co-founder, Managing Director

Yojiro Konuma

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I have founded my own recruitment company based on the questions and discomfort I felt during my own job search: 'What is the added value and significance of a recruitment agent?' I am actively involved in creating the 'ideal recruitment company' based on this. By handling a wide range of job opportunities regardless of industry or occupation, we take pride in providing 'unbiased' career support. We have also received numerous awards in the field of recruitment.

Yojiro is the Co-founder and Managing Director of EXEC-SEARCH PARTNERS KK and PTE. LTD. Based across Singapore and Tokyo, he possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of recruitment and has been at the forefront of the mid-career recruitment market since 2014. Not only does he steer the ship as a manager, but he also actively engages as an executive headhunter, adding hands-on insight to his leadership role. He has been recognized several times by the industry - Ranked 1st in Japan, Promoted to the highest 'S-Class Headhunter' rank (fastest promotion in history), Received the “Outstanding New Performer” and multiple-time recipient of the Quarterly “Top Headhunter” Award on a Leading High-Class Job-Change Website.


Before establishing EXEC-SEARCH PARTNERS, Yojiro's professional journey led him to Sony South East Asia, where he served as a Product Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager from 2011 to 2014. His foundation in the corporate world began at Sony Corporation - Headquarters, working in the Overseas Marketing Department within the Asia Regional Strategy Section. He embarked on this career path straight out of University highlighting his commitment and dedication to the business world.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Yojiro's life has been enriched by diverse experiences. Due to his father's job, he spent a significant part of his early life living overseas which has endowed him with native fluency in both Japanese and English. Beside his love of football, this international exposure has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the global business arena.

Hobbies and Interests

Travel , Animals , Exploring gourmet delights , Watching sports

Personal Activities

ESG/SDGs initiatives in Southeast Asia (NPO)

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