Glendon Brewster

Principal Consultant

Glendon Brewster

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Cutting-edge technology is unleashing unprecedented opportunities within the Insurance industry. My unwavering commitment is to empower visionary hiring managers in insurance, turning their ambitions into tangible achievements. I connect insurance firms in Tokyo with top-level PMOs, project managers, Engineering Directors, Security Professionals, and data scientists. I thrive on the challenge of understanding hiring managers' needs and exceeding their expectations. Together, we build a brighter tech future in Tokyo.

With an impressive 19 years of experience in the recruitment field, Glendon Brewster has been a prominent figure in Tokyo since 2005. His specialization in technical roles spans across vendors and the insurance industry, supporting global firms in securing the best bilingual talent.

Glendon's headhunting specialization extends beyond IT software and cloud vendors to the insurance companies and asset management firms as well. Roles he excels in placing include CIOs, IT Directors, Professional Services Directors, Presales Leaders, DX Professionals, IT Project Managers, Data Scientists and IT Security Professionals. His clients consistently recognize his genuine care and dedication to their needs. Glendon's aspiration lies in continuing to make significant contributions to the grow of his most-valued clients, leveraging his experience and expertise.

Originally hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, his strong academic background includes a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from Saint Thomas University in Canada. Language-wise, he is proficient in both English and Japanese, holding an N2 certification.

Beyond his professional achievements, Glendon enjoys a diverse range of interests in his free time. He's an avid tennis player, skilled in leathercraft and relishes spending quality moments with his loving wife and their three children.

Headhunting specialization

  • IT software and cloud vendors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Asset Management Firms

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