Fuyuki Kataoka


Fuyuki Kataoka

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I am passionate about connecting top professionals in the insurance industry with clients, contributing to the industry's growth, and supporting candidates in building their ideal careers.

With five years of previous experience in life insurance sales and distribution, Fuyuki has very quickly taken to the world of executive recruitment. He has made significant strides in the insurance industry both in Japan and Asia, closing both mid-level and executive positions. In his first year, he successfully recruited three Account Executives to the same team at an Insurance Broker and soon moved up to close several key management roles including the “Head of Branding & Marketing” at a Major Foreign Life insurance company.

Demonstrating his dedication to building organizations as a recruiter, his placements have spanned claims, underwriting, product development, sales planning/strategy, and client/account executive roles. Several key clients and hiring managers have praised his quick response time and his exceptional knack for selecting the right person for the job.

He aspires to continue his new-found purpose: Placing top talent in mid to executive-level positions across various sectors in the insurance industry.

Originally from Tokyo, Fuyuki has also lived in Germany for five years during his childhood, adding to his global outlook. Fuyuki is a family man, proud father of two and In his spare time, he enjoys tennis - a sport he once coached and he still even participates in tournaments a few times a year. Plus like the majority of insurance professionals, he loves a few games of golf throughout the year !

Recent Work

  • Customer Service Division Director (Life Insurance Firm)
  • Sales Planning Division Director (Life Insurance Firm)
  • Product Development Division Director (Non-Life Insurance Firm)
  • Senior Underwriter (Non-Life Insurance Firm)
  • Claims Manager/Director (Non-Life Insurance Firm)
  • Head of Marketing & Branding (Life Insurance Firm)
  • Multiple Account / Client Executives (P&C Broker)

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