Christopher Rivas


Christopher Rivas

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Drawing from decades of experience, my mission is to elevate the standards of technology recruitment in Japan. I'm dedicated to connecting foreign tech companies with top talent, ensuring mutual growth and continued industry excellence.

Christopher Rivas has dedicated over twenty years of his professional life to the recruitment industry. Starting in California and transitioning to Tokyo, he expanded his expertise and carved out a unique niche in the technology recruitment sector. His blend of experience and passion has made him a standout name in the recruitment world. Christopher specializes in assisting foreign technology companies in Japan by identifying the optimal candidates for Sales, Presales, and Professional Services roles. He doesn't just fill positions; he builds lasting relationships and acts as a trusted advisor for businesses and professionals, aiding them in achieving better career opportunities. His knack for guiding individuals to roles that sync with their skills and aspirations demonstrates his unwavering commitment and influential role in Japan's technology sector.

Christopher enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and indulging his love for food in his free time. He's an avid reader, a budding pickleball player, and a foodie at heart. His passion for cooking spills into his adventures around Tokyo, where he's always on the lookout for new restaurants to discover.

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