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Building in Japan! Finding the talent to grow your company in Japan : In a constantly changing world of innovation, we connect the dots and bring the necessary talent to build and strengthen your company into the future.

In today’s rapidly evolving talent landscape, direct recruitment and AI-driven strategies are making their mark. However, it’s the human touch, deep industry understanding and unique insights that separate good from great. At ESP, we bridge this gap to ensure that you receive the best of both worlds.

Our Suite of Services

Contingency Search

Contingency Search

A solution designed for flexibility, our contingency search ensures you find the right talent without initial financial commitments:

  • No upfront fees for a risk-free hiring process
  • Payment only upon commencement of employment
  • Access to our current network of top-tier professionals
  • Quick recruitment process to see active talents are currently available
”Exclusive” Search

”Exclusive” Search

Precise and discrete executive search which is ideal for mid/senior and specific, high-priority positions. Our service combines upfront and contingency fees. Our top headhunters dedicate themselves exclusively to your needs for a 2-4 week period:

  • Senior consultants with a dedicated research team focus on finding the target talent within a limited time frame
  • Swift and intensive search throughout our existing network as well as reaching out to new prospects within a 2-4 week period fill specific roles in a short timeframe
“Retained” Executive Search

“Retained” Executive Search

Similar to “Exclusive” search but with more resources and a longer time frame, this executive search is ideal for C-suite and other must-find executive positions. This service has a dedicated fee structure which involves several payment stages to allow our top headhunters to dedicate themselves exclusively to your needs:

  • An exclusive Principal consultant with his own dedicated research team
  • Swift, intensive search to fill specific roles in a short timeframe
  • Meticulous market mapping and competitor research to ensure strategic alignment
  • Detailed reporting to keep you updated throughout the process

Proven Recruitment Blueprint

Define recruitment needs

Market mapping and sourcing

Select candidates through one-on-one online and face-to-face interviews

Introduce top-tier candidates to your company

Arrange the comprehensive selection process

Finalize the job offer

Reliable follow-up until onboarding

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