Kentaro Tamai

Kentaro Tamai

Senior Consultant

Kentaro started his career in a leading human resource services company, Intelligence, Ltd., and he was in charge of sales for corporate recruiting ads. He proposed recruiting methods and worked as a market analyst for small-and-medium-sized to large listed companies. Even amidst an economic downturn after the Lehman Shock of 2008, he achieved an outstanding result by maintaining & developing client relations.

At 25 years old, he entered an American graduate school (Middlebury Institute of International Studies) in California to acquire an international business sense as well as deep insights and knowledge. He studied International Marketing in the Business School.

After graduating from the Business School in 2014, Kentaro participated in managing a multi-language and communication consulting company, Amic International Inc. as a director. His duties consisted of business strategy, management planning, marketing, recruiting, and other general company tasks. Kentaro is personally interested in the globalization of Japanese individuals and corporates and enthusiastically engages in international activities.

Following his work as a business manager, Kentaro moved to Singapore as an executive recruiter, wishing to contribute his expertise to globalizing Japanese enterprises. From his experiences as a manager and his career change, Kentaro has a wealth of knowledge of both B to C and B to B businesses. He has received critical acclaim from both candidates and clients and also supports the recruitment of middle to executive level new talent.

Kentaro loves sports and during his free time he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, jogging, and triathlon.